Bush Park Camping Resort

Bush Park Camping Resort - Wake, Va.

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Reservations Required

Reservations can be made by filling out the form below.
We will contact you to confirm all reservations.

The park is temporarily closed per instructions from Middlesex County and as a precaution due to COVID-19. We look forward to seeing everyone once this national crisis subsides.

To Inquire on New Reservations, please send us an email including the following information:

* Full Name
* Email Address
* Phone Number
* Arrival Date
* Departure Date
* Unit Type
* Unit Size
* Number of Campers
* Electrical Service - 30A or 50A

Please submit this information to bushpark@phillipsmanagement.com and we will respond as soon as possible.

Bush Park Camping Resort
724 Bushy Park Rd.
Wake, VA 23176

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 589
Deltaville, VA 23043

Phone: 804-776-6750
Fax: 804-776-6988

Bush Park Camping Resort

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